Natural Remedy of Cherry Juice for Gout

cherry juice for gout

Gout is a condition that occurs when there is too much uric acid in the body.

Although it may sound frightening, uric acid is a normal occurrence when your body breaks down certain foods.

Uric acid leaves the body through your urine. But, problems can develop if you make too much acid or it doesn’t release enough into your urine, causing crystals to form in your joints. And let me tell you, it can be excruciating. I know because I suffered from it a few years ago. It was in my foot and felt like I was walking with a jagged pebble in my shoe! No fun.

If you have gout, don’t despair. Fortunately, there are many ways to naturally treat your gout condition.

Tart Cherry Juice for Gout – A Popular Choice

One of the most popular natural treatment for gout flare-ups is cherry juice. In my experience, it chased that gout out of my life, and I was so happy when it did. Yet, I was also surprised that such a simple remedy could be so effective. But how does cherry juice help with gout symptoms?

How Cherry Juice Helps Gout Flare-Ups

Cherry juice helps to reduce the uric acid levels in your body. The component that gives cherries their vibrant red color is responsible because it has anti-inflammatory properties. But it has to be 100% cherry juice (not diluted with other types of fruit juices), and it has to be tart.

You may even eat the cherry fruit to gain benefits, too. Eat at least a couple of cups a day for added benefits. These cherries will help to neutralize as much uric acid as possible, and this will mean relief for you.

Also, stay hydrated by drinking more water than usual throughout the day to help flush out toxins and excess uric acid from your body. Below is a tart cherry juice recipe that is easy to make and delicious.

Gout Chasing Cherry Juice Recipe


  • 16 ounces of fresh clean cherries
  • About 1 cup of water
  • Raw honey to taste (about 1/4 cup)

Here’s what you do:

  • Combine the cherries and the honey and then put them in a saucepan and let sit for about an hour so that the cherries soak up the honey sweetness.
  • Pour the water over the fruit  and let the fruit simmer over low heat until the skins burst.
  • Mash the cherries to release as much juice as possible. Then squeeze and strain the mixture. Pour your therapeutic and delicious juice in a sterilized jar and refrigerate.
  • I love to add a couple of tablespoons of the juice to a glass of carbonated water and crushed ice for a refreshing drink. You can even use sparkling water or even regular chilled drinking water instead of the carbonated kind if you’d like.
  • Be sure to experiment with the water/honey/cherries ratio until you find the right combination to make your taste buds sing.
  • Keep the leftovers in a jar for later. If you keep it tightly sealed, it should last for about two weeks in the refrigerator.

Of course, you can go to any health food store or natural market and purchase a bottle of tart cherry juice concentrate if you’re too busy to make your own. Easy Peasy.

So there you have it – a natural remedy of cherry juice for gout. What other natural remedies for gout have you found effective?

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