Motivational Quote 7

motivational quote

What do you believe about yourself?

Do you believe you’re worthy of love?

Do you believe you can conquer any problem that may come your way? Do you believe that you attract good things in your life…..Or,

Do you believe what your dad told you when you were young – that you would never amount to anything? Are you positive that you have nothing to give to others? Do you believe what the high school girls said about you – that you were ugly and unpopular?

The truth is – what you believe determines what you become. You see, you attract what you are. It doesn’t matter what you want or wish for. It’s what you believe.

So, start working on your belief system because what you truly believe about yourself and what your future will be is probably your reality.

If you start to act and believe you are special and worth all good things in life, you’ll begin making choices and behaving in ways to make that a reality. What you believe will convince others of the same.

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