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Hi and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by. This site will show you that it is absolutely possible to lead a busy life alongside a natural, luxurious one. My aim is to bring you an array of tips, remedies, and solutions to help in your quest for better health, happiness and beauty.  I hope to inspire you to make small changes – one day at a time – that will make big impacts on your life. 

I’m passionate about the healing power of nature. I feel empowered when I explore natural cures that are simple, gentle and effective; and I marvel at the enormous impact that one small change can make in a person’s life.

Do you find it harder and harder to find decent, unadulterated food to eat and water to drink? Are you tired of seeing families suffer from unnecessary illnesses? With health care costs escalating and drug safety in question, many people are looking for alternative ways to maintain their health.  

So treat this site as a dinner buffet – take what you want and leave the rest because each individual is unique, and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. 

How It Started

I was a mom who felt frustrated and guilty when I mindlessly grabbed products off the store shelf for my family.  I was busy and lived a life of “convenience” although in the back of my mind I knew it would soon catch up with me. And it did.  I started to suffer the consequences of not nourishing and protecting my body.  I didn’t know where to start on my healing journey because I was sick, tired, and ignorant; but thankfully I remembered my grandfather. 

My grandfather is a native American Indian.  This wise old man came to live with us when I was a girl, and he had a very different approach to wellness. He believed that Nature held the key to a healthy life. His use of herbs and plants was impressive, and he had such respect for the Earth.

My Mom told us stories of how, when she was growing up, her family rarely saw a doctor; instead Grandpa would go out in the woods to obtain from the earth whatever was needed to heal them. This early experience shaped my view of wellness, but I didn’t put into practice any of what he believed until I started my own wellness journey.

Today many people are eager to try natural healing methods like my Grandpa. As I mentioned above, the high cost of medicine and often serious side effects have encouraged folks to go back to the past where home remedies, herbs, and healing foods were common. And it is even more frustrating when you factor in how busy everyone seems to be these days!

So this blog is a place where we can empower one another to take more of an active part in our wellness. 

So grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and join us!